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The Military’s Reliable Partner

MiniJect®, the world's smallest military-grade auto-injector, is designed to provide immediate safe medication delivery on austere and remote battlefields. Our innovative technology is built for simplicity, speed, and reliability to ensure controlled doses of medication in critical situations.
We have been awarded DoD SBIR/STTR contracts, reflecting our commitment to supporting the military's needs.

Benefits for the Military

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Simplified Medication Delivery

MiniJect’s easy-to-use two-step operation allows for quick administration of life-saving drugs without the risk of dosing errors.

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Compact and Lightweight

Weighing only 1.2 ounces, MiniJect is significantly lighter than standard auto-injectors, hence ensuring easy portability and integration into gear.


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Speed and Safety

MiniJect delivers medication in just 0.4 seconds, providing rapid response when time is of the essence. The fully retractable needle after delivery reduces the risk of accidental injuries, and the auto-injector acts as its own Sharps container, promoting safe disposal.

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Versatility in Drug Delivery

From critical emergency indications like Epinephrine and CBRNE uses to antibiotics, vaccines, and moderate/severe pain management, MiniJect can handle a variety of medical needs.


Rugged and Reliable

Designed to meet 810H Mil standards, MiniJect is built to withstand harsh battlefield conditions. It is waterproof (IP67) and protected against IR/UV radiation.

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Precision Manufacturing and Quality

MiniJect is manufactured with expert engineering and precision to meet the demanding needs of military operations. As an approved military contractor, Rx Bandz has a proven track record of excellence in drug development and manufacturing.

What Makes MiniJect The Best Choice For The Military?

Customized Solutions

Understanding that each mission and unit may have unique requirements, Rx Bandz offers customized development to address gaps and specific needs.

Field-Tested Protection

Our case design ensures MiniJect performs reliably in battlefield conditions. Additionally, the glass cartridge protection system reduces the risk of glass breakage during deployment.

Shelf-Life Extension Technology

MiniJect incorporates shelf-life extension technology, allowing oxygen-sensitive drugs to remain viable for longer periods, crucial in prolonged care battlefields.

Rate Throttle Limiter

For highly viscous biologics and vaccines, MiniJect features a rate throttle limiter, ensuring accurate and controlled delivery.

Drone Deliverable

With its compact size and lightweight build, MiniJect can be efficiently delivered via drones, providing critical medical support in hard-to-reach areas.

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