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Innovative technology when your assets MiniJect needs immediate safe medication delivery

World's Smallest Military Grade Auto-Injector


Designed for simplicity of use, speed and reliability of controlled doses on austere and remote battlefields


Rugged, Safe, Accurate

Utilizes the most advanced hydraulic delivery technology with simple two-step operation and fully retractable needle to reduce risk

MiniJect® is designed to deliver a wide range of injectable medications:

  • TXA

  • Antibiotics

  • Moderate/ Severe Pain Management

  • Vaccines / Biologics

  • Emergency indications such as Epinephrine and CBRNE uses

Rx Bandz Autoinjector Bracelet Logo_edited.jpg

Leading the DoD auto-injector space in speed, ease of use, safety, size, and cost



  • Can deliver variety of drugs

  • IM, IV and SubQ delivery options

  • Drone deliverable

Multiple packaging and kit options available

Compact and Lightweight

  • Weighs 1.2 ounces

  • Only 2.5'' long, it's 1/3 of standard auto-injectors


  • Designed to 810H Mil

  • Standards

  • Waterproof IP67

  • IR/UV-protected

  • Proven performance

  • Operates in a wide range of temperatures

  • The proprietary system protects the primary drug cartridge from breaking

Faster and Safer

  • Delivers medication in 0.4 seconds

  • The needle fully retracts after delivery

  • Acts as its own Sharps container

Rx Bandz Autoinjector Bracelet Logo_edited.jpg

Designed to help the military deliver emergency mediations without dosing error, quickly in the chaos of war and evacuations. The Rx Bandz MiniJect is a force multiplier during contingency operations and prolonged care battlefields.

The Rx Bandz Advantage :

  • Can deliver a variety of drugs

  • Expert Engineering

  • Drug Development

  • Precision Manufacturing

  • Approved Military Contractor

  • Awarded DoD SBIR/ STTR Contracts

  • Woman-Owned Small Business

  • Drone Deliverable

Seconds save lives on the battlefield.

Partnering with military assets to support direct needs in the host of SOF mission profiles

• Medication requests

• Research requests

• Advanced gear assembly

Rx Bandz is proud to offer:

  • Can deliver a variety of drugs

  • Ruggedized case designed for battle eld conditions

  • Shelf-life extension technology for oxygen-sensitive drugs

  • Rate throttle limiter to deliver highly viscous biologics and vaccines

  • Glass cartridge protection

  • Customer-customized packaging available

Contact us to discuss customized development to address your gaps, needs, and requirements.

Device Specifications

Cartridge: 1 mL - 5mL
Dosage: <0.3-5ml, disposable, single-use prefilled
Needle Penetration Depth: minimum of 12.5 mm IM Injection
Needle: Accommodates both subcutaneous or intramuscular needles
Injection Time: Drug delivery in <0.4 seconds or throttled over several minutes Activation Force: 3-9lb
Safety Lock: When depressed between 2.5 and 3.5 mm the activation trigger button initiates an auto-injection, the activation trigger button is permanently locked into place. Safety will not allow a second injection to occur and indicates to the user the device is used.
Drug Inspection Window: Includes a transparent viewing window to observe the drug product in its primary container closure system
Durability: Includes an internal glass cartridge protection system with transparent UV-blocking medical-grade polycarbonate.
Temperature Resistant: Will not be damaged by exposure up to 160°F
Waterproof: conforms to IP-67
Shelf Life: The device shall have a shelf life of three years.
Ease of Use: Intuitive design easy to use in the dark or with gloves.

ISO 11608, (sections 1-5)
MIL-STD-810H, (sections 502.7, 501.7, 500.6, 514.8, 516.8 (section 4.6.5)
ISO 15223-1:2016
USP 1207
IEC 62366
ISO 10993-1:2018
ISO 10993-11:2017
ISO 10993-17:2002
ISO 10993-18:2005

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