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Combine forces with Rx Bandz. Our auto-injector platform provide customized drug-delivery options to suit the needs of your patients or military forces— always with therapeutic requirements, reliability, and ease of use at the forefront of each solution.

Rx Bandz provides an opportunity for investors and strategic partners to be a part of an innovative life-saving solution in the high growth self-injectable market. 

Rx Bandz' unique product, strong business model and patient-centric approach will allow the company to capitalize on this exciting trend in healthcare.

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Rx Bandz auto-injectors give partners a competitive edge by providing an award-winning, patient-centric, next-generation auto-injector.

If you are looking to offer the most technologically current products to meet consumer demand then an Rx Bandz auto-injector is the right solution.


Innovative technology when your assets need immediate safe medication delivery. Designed for simplicity of use, speed, and reliability of controlled doses on austere and remote battlefields.

Rugged, Safe, Accurate. MiniJect utilizes the most advanced hydraulic delivery technology with simple two-step operation and a fully retractable needle to reduce risk.

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