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The Next Generation of Auto-Injectors

World's Smallest Auto-Injector
Drug Delivery Platform
Delivers High Viscosity Therapeutics
Wearable & Attachable
Waterproof & Remains Sterile
Thermally Protected Therapeutic
Increased Stability
Needle Fully Retracts
High Reliability
Smart Alerts

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Technologically Advanced 

The environment of the U.S. pharmaceutical marketplace is very competitive. Companies spend millions in research, development and licensing agreements to stay relevant and maintain their customers.  It is imperative to their growth and success that they offer the most technologically current products to meet their consumer demands. Rx Bandz auto-injectors offer innovative, patient-centric design in a next-generation solution providing our partners a competitive edge.

High Reliability

Hydraulic delivery designed to 99.99%R with 95% C

Drug Delivery Platform

Delivers high viscosity biologics and therapeutics <imL-5mL/IM or SubQ

One-Sided Operation

To reduce confusion in dark or blinding conditions

Temperature Resilient

IR reflective to reduce temperature fluctuations and increase stability (-50 to 160F)

Fast & Safe to Carry

Delivers and retracts in under <0.4 seconds prevents secondary needle sticks

Waterproof & Sterile

Hermetically sealed ETO sterilized IP-6X

Intuitive to Use

Easy operation in high stress condition. Self or buddy administration

Rugged & Durable

Designed to 810 H mil standard and impact resistant for use in toughest conditions

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Device Specifications

RX-band chart changes 32-16.jpg

ISO 11608, (sections 1-5)
MIL-STD-810H, (sections 502.7, 501.7,     
500.6, 514.8, 516.8 (section 4.6.5)
ISO 15223-1:2016
USP 1207

IEC 62366

ISO 10993-1:2018
ISO 10993-11:2017
ISO 10993-17:2002

ISO 10993-18:2005

Internal Technology

Glass Cartridge Protection System

Cost Effective

Works with any cartridge

Drug Delivery

Throttle enables delivery of highly viscous biologics and vaccines

Keeps glass from shattering

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Damage Identification

Allows injection after damage

Hydraulic Stability Fluid

Reduces oxidation and extends shelf life

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