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Rx Bandz Receives 7th Military Contract

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Jessica Walsh, CEO of Rx Bandz, announced that the company had been awarded its 7th military contact. Most of the contracts are to adapt the company’s MiniJect® auto-injector to deliver emergency medications to severely injured warfighters. She said, “Our goal is to reduce preventable deaths from non-compressible hemorrhages, anaphylactic reactions and to reduce pain, especially of hose in remote battlefields, when help can be delayed.”

The contracts give Rx Band sole sourcing rights, allowing the government to buy directly from the company. This streamlines the purchasing process, saving time and money for both the government and the company.

Rx Bandz also has completed a contract with Chemical Biological Defense to develop a propriety glass cartridge protection system, a technology that will not only increase the reliability and durability of their MiniJect auto-injector but can be used to protect most auto-injectors.

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