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Rx Bandz receives two awards at Ignite Healthcare at Texas Medical Center

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Houston, TX- Rx Bandz recently received two prestigious awards at the Ignite Healthcare Challenge finals. Jessica Walsh, founder and CEO, represented the medical device company at the challenge which draws hundreds of applicants from around the world.

Rx Bandz placed 2nd overall in the global competition. The company also received $250,000 from Texas Halo Fund and a $25,000 grant from the Southwest Pediatric Device Consortium. The Consortium is a community-outreach arm of the FDA that promotes the development of innovative pediatric medical devices nationwide.

Founder Jessica Walsh said "Our team at Rx Bandz was honored to be chosen to participate in Ignite Healthcare. I was inspired by the very talented female finalists and the innovative companies they are leading."

The challenge connects investors to women-led healthcare business. Winners are chosen on the potential of the industry-changing technology and the ability of the management teams to bring the devices to market.

Women founders only receive 2.3% of venture funds despite being 63% more likely to be profitable than their male counterparts.

Ignite Healthcare is shaping the future of healthcare by providing an international platform for women entrepreneurs who are leading some of the most innovative health and medical device companies in the world.

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