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Rx Bandz Selected to Present at the Special Operations Joint Innovation Medical Symposium (JIMS)

Updated: 2 days ago

Rx Bandz announced that it was chosen from hundreds of applicants to present its innovative auto-injector at the Joint Innovation Medical Symposium (JIMS) at Pope Army Airfield/Fort Liberty, NC.

Rx Bandz was one of only 18 companies invited to showcase their innovative technology and present their associated proposals for collaboration.

The company demonstrated its MiniJect®, the world’s smallest auto-injector, which can deliver drugs of different viscosities and doses.

“We are honored to be selected to present to the military community at this prestigious event. We were thrilled to present our platform of auto-injectors including our multi-dose for anti-chemical warfare agents and larger volume auto-injector to deliver tranexamic acid for non-compressible hemorrhages. These hemorrhages account for 60 percent of combat deaths. Our goal is to reduce preventable deaths on the battlefield. The ability to rapidly and effectively control non-compressible hemorrhage is especially critical in operating environments where rapid evacuation will be more challenging,” says Jessica Walsh Rx Bandz Founder and CEO.

“Our family of auto-injector devices promises to fulfill an unmet need as a revolutionary lifesaving field deployable tool for the management of non-compressible trauma-related hemorrhage at point-of-injury, as well as for pain management and shock,” she said.

Rx Bandz auto-injectors has the potential to deliver a wide range of injectable medications. The devices are designed to be rugged, waterproof, and extend the shelf life of most drugs.

As Rx Bandz continues to push the boundaries of medical innovation, the company is actively engaged in further research and development to refine the technology for additional lifesaving applications. Rx Bandz is dedicated to realizing the full potential of its drug delivery platform to save lives around the world for both civilians and the military.

About Rx Bandz

Rx Bandz is a late-stage drug delivery platform company developing novel auto-injectors and lifesaving formulations. For more information, please visit

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