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Rx Bandz Tops International Life Science Competition in Vienna Austria During Bio Week.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

(New York) Rx Bandz recently won first place in the International Challenge held by Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) in Vienna. Jessica Walsh, Rx Bandz CEO and founder, presented the company’s new MiniJect™ auto-injector.

RESI received hundreds of applications from early-stage life science companies from across Europe and Asia. The finalists were invited to compete in Vienna. Nearly 500 global investors voted for the technology they deemed most influential.

MiniJect™ is designed to deliver a wide range of emergency injectable drugs, for anaphylaxis, diabetes, pain management and opioid overdose.

As Rx Bandz first device, MiniJect™ is planned as a game-changing, cost-effective solution for the over 60MM people who need to carry emergency injectable medication to prevent anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe reaction to an allergy, such a peanuts or insect stings. It has been designed to be simple to use, convenient to wear or carry, and inexpensive.

Ms. Walsh said, “There is a medical crisis among those who rely on epinephrine. Two of every three people who have been prescribed an auto-injector do not carry it with them at all times. Many do not know how to use it properly or forget during a life-threatening situation.”

Epinephrine must be administered within five to ten minutes of onset of symptoms to be effective. Precious minutes can be lost while people search for their auto-injector.

“People need this medical device to fit their lifestyles so that they can conveniently have it close at hand when an emergency occurs. It can save lives.” she said.

More information about Rx Bandz is available on

More information about the RESI 2019 Life Science Innovation Challenge

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